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Become a Pilot

Skyeast Aviation Roma offers flight training for pilots wishing to obtain their RAA pilot certificate as well as further pilot endorsements. For further information, drop us a line at

RAA Pilot Certificate

This is the starting point for your flying, whether you intend to fly for fun, just around the property or can be the stepping stone for your aviation career, prior to moving into general aviation. 

Completion of your RAA pilot certificate will allow you to fly solo within a 25 nautical mile radius of your departure point in suitable RAA registered aircraft. 


- No age limit for commencement of training, but simply must be at least   15 years of age at time of first solo

- Medical Standard to hold driver license

- Receive a minimum of 20 hours of dual flight training and 5hrs solo

- Pass five written tests as well as a practical test

RAA Endorsement Training

After completing your first milestone of the RAA pilot certificate, a number of endorsements are available to increase your pilot privledges and spread those wings even further!



- Passenger Endorsement (Allows to you take a passenger with you

- Cross Country Endorsement (Allows you to fly anywhere outside of controlled airspace)

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